Corrupt Ken

Over recent years we’ve seen government corruption run rampant. In fact corruption got so bad south of the border that Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States based on the sole premise of “drain the swamp”. Voters wondered how Hillary Clinton, a career politicians worth roughly $120 million, could ever become worth that much from a $186,600 salary.

Never would we think that level of corruption would come to Canada, however during the pandemic we saw Premier Doug Ford’s net worth increase to over $50 million, while holding a position that yields $208,974.

At least it hasn’t reached municipal level yet.

Enter Ken Hewitt.

Turkey Point, once a small quaint town known for its modest cottage dwellings, has become a town of choice for multimillionaires as far as Toronto. Located at 360 Cedar Drive, just doors down from the $100-million-dollar-man Chris Carson, local residents watch a mansion being on a beautiful corner lot. The lot has backs onto the channel and has been the center of attention after demolishing last years renovations to start a newer, even bigger project, from scratch.

Who could it be? Another multimillionaire from Toronto? Has Fernlea Flowers bought another property?

Sadly, no.

The property is home to “public servant” and mayor Ken Hewitt, or as the locals call him, Mr. Conflict-of-Interest.

He’s been the center of attention long before starting the build of his not-so-humble abode. During the height of the pandemic where residents were asked by Mayor Chopp and Mayor Hewitt to stay at their primary residences and not travel to cottages, locals observed Hewitt and his partner frequently visiting the cottage and having guests over. Many posted photos to social media, expressing their disapproval. Local residents, outside of the aristocratic lobbyists he calls “friends”, have been appalled by his motto of rules for thee and not for me.

More recently, his Turkey Point property became the spotlight of the town again. The Simcoe Reformer reported the county will sell Mayor Ken Hewitt, a 70×20 lot for the price of $1,500. A privilege only available to a public servant.

In a time when the average family can barely afford a primary home, how are career politicians like Ken Hewitt building multi-million dollar cottages?

For more on Ken Hewitt, take a drive to 360 Cedar Drive where he recently received several loads of gravel courtesy of county tax payers.

Although Norfolk County frequently votes conservative regardless of the applicant, let’s hope June 2 that residents look to an independent candidate like Bobbi Ann Brady.

360 Cedar Drive, Turkey Point. Ken Hewitt's cottage.
Corrupt Ken’s not-so-modest cottage

What locals are saying:

I find it disrespectful to the entire riding that the so called front runner won’t submit to an interview with the Haldimand Press and won’t attend the candidates debates …. that’s not leadership. With him being a liberal a few years ago and now wanting to be a conservative mpp shows me he has no values and is just an opportunistic candidate

Peter Beaver Hogg

Since Toby Barrett has stated he was not running in this election and advised Ford years ago, why did the local riding association not hold a candidate nomination meeting back in the fall of 2021 or even this past January? This whole thing makes no sense. I most certainly do not support any party appointing candidates, but I still have to ask- didn’t the local PC riding association know Toby Barrett was not running in this election? If they did know he was not running, why did they not do their due diligence and have a nomination race? Anyone involved in politics knows you can’t have a nomination meeting within 45 days of an election. So, my questions remain – what is actually going on here?

Lori Miller

What happened to the “voice” of the people and being voted in?

Jo-Anne Martin

Another liberal in a blue suit.

Tom Alward

I don’t know how you can run for Liberal candidate, contradict the laws and mandates set up by Mr. Ford and then run for his party? Makes no sense

Dave Hudspeth

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